Simulx documentation

Version 2024

This documentation is for Simulx.

Simulx GUI – easy, efficient and flexible application for clinical trial simulations

Now, more than ever, to increase drug success rate and accelerate clinical development it is important to incorporate new technology – like clinical trials simulators. They improve the quality and efficiency of decision making process.  Modeling&simulation approach models molecules and mechanisms from the available data and then uses these models to generate new information that can optimize your strategies in terms of time, money and commercial success.

What if it were possible to:

  • Use your estimated model and, investigating new dosing regimens and populations, gain unique insights that improve your chances of success?
  •  Avoid costly surprises by simulating easily different scenarios with a flexible and user-friendly interface?
  • Utilize the outputs from simulations to optimize your clinical trial strategies that reduces drug development cycle?


It is possible to do this, and more, with Simulx GUI!

Simulx is an advanced simulation software interconnected with Monolix and flexible in building user-designed scenarios. This application combines a user-friendly interface with the highest computational capabilities to help you make faster and more informed decisions.

Simulx has three sections that create an optimal environment to build and analyse simulations:

    • Definition – create easily new exploration and simulation elements of different types.
    • Exploration – explore different treatments and effects of model parameters on a typical individual.
    • Simulation – simulate a clinical trial using a population of individuals in one or several groups with specific treatment or features and use flexible post-processing tools, clear results and interactive plots for analysis.

 Composition of thee parts of simulx: definition, exploration and simulation.

How does it work?

Start with:


and customize:

  • plots: add analysis features, stratify data and modify plotting area look
  • interface: use dark theme and increase font size and numbers precision
  • data: save user files in the result folder
  • export: data, plots and settings

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