Definition of regressors elements is available only if the mlxtran model used in a Simulx project uses it. In this case, specification of regressors is mandatory. All regressors used in a model are displayed in one element as separate columns.

Regressors names

Demo projects: 3.6.regressors

Create new regressors element

There are two types of regressor elements:

  • Manual: It is a vector with manually defined time points and values, which are common for all individuals.
    Example: parameter – covariate relationship with the covariate as a regressor
  • External: Regressors definition is a table with the following mandatory columns: “time” for time points and “regressor_name” for regressor values. Optionally,  it can have a column “id”. In the absence of the “id” column, the time grid is equal for all individuals and occasions (if defined in the model).
    Example: PK-PD model with PK measurements as a regressor

Regressors imported from Monolix

Importing a Monolix project generates automatically regressors element with regressors names from the dataset:

  • mlx_Reg: contains Ids, times and regressors values read from the dataset. Occasions are included if any.
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