List of known bugs

The list of known bugs in every version of MonolixSuite can be found in the release notes of the next version.

We list below the known bugs in Simulx 2023R1 (they will be fixed in the next version). The 2023R1 version of MonolixSuite can be downloaded here.


  • The lixoft folder inside temp is not deleted after installation.


  • In the Documentation tab, the tutorials section can be empty (due to issues with the host server).

Export simulated data

  • Simulated data gets exported to the default location when clicking Cancel in the pop-up window.

Export from/to Monolix

  • During export from Monolix to Simulx, parameters with different case (eg “Par” and “par”) were considered the same for individual parameters.
  • Exporting a Simulx project to Monolix leads to an error if individual parameters in the structural model input={} line are listed on several lines.
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